Friday, January 22, 2010

The Glass Castle by, Jeannette Walls ~~Review

The Glass Castle by, Jeannette Walls
This was a sad but at times humorous story of a family called the Walls. They lived a fairly nomadic life at times always moving from town to town when things would get “hot”. They were a very poor family with 4 kids a father who was an alcoholic and a mother who as she called it was addicted to adventure. Jeannette Walls paints a picture of a family that had many hardships but to me it seemed like they weren’t short on love even though she does describe her mother as somewhat unloving who always said she would be a great artist if she hadn’t had kids. The dad is a dreamer always looking for a get rich quick scheme but he doesn’t depend on other people(Other than his children) for that he plans on inventing the next great thing saying he’s got plans for this and that but those plans never come to fruition because he’s always drinking.
Jeannette tells this story of her life in a matter of fact way and I liked that there wasn’t much poor me in this book, just this is the way it was. Despite their upbringing the Walls kids were all extremely intelligent reading at a very young age. Their parents taught them a lot and gave them a good education despite everything, in the sense that they were very book smart. But they did go hungry for the better part of their young lives and even when her parents were working the money vanished as fast as it came in with nothing going to clothing for the kids or food, it seemed when either parent was working which wasn’t often they would have food for less than a week then go hungry again.
I would have actually liked to have seen some pictures but she does explain why there weren’t any but I was curious about her mother’s art work. These parents I think did what they could with what capacity they had. I truly believe her father loved her and I was actually sad when he died in my mind he was a character. I like that Jeannette doesn’t make excuses for them just tells it like it is or was.
I really liked this book and would recommend it!
4 Stars

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  1. Great to see you liked it. The love with this family was just amazing through out it all.

    Nice review of it.