Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Horses For The King By: Anne McCaffrey

In this book Galwyn Varianus is working for his uncle on a ship. He hates this more than anything in the world. The lack of horses seems to be his biggest problem. When he runs into Lord Artos he is awe struck. He wants to help this man in any way possible. After running away from his uncle he travels with Lord Artos to a fair where he finds out that Artos is planning to take the largest horses he can find and use them in the war against the Saxons.

The only problem with the beautiful black horses is that their hooves are not used to the wet ground and easily develop problems. A man named Canydthinks he’s got the answer. Shoes for the horses. No one but Galwyn believes in this idea. Together they struggle to develop the shoes in time for the war. If they succeed they could be the reason the British win the war.

Four ****

Wow! What a great book.

If Wishes Were Horses By Anne McCaffery

Tirza, Tracell, and Lady TalarrieEircelly are devastated when their father must go off to war. They are left to take care of a village of people who could be attacked at any time. Only Lady Talarrie's calm head and intelligence saves them.

Tirza and her twin Tracell want nothing more than to turn 16. They just can’t wait to grow up. When the war starts tirza realizes that while her present is still secure her brother's has galloped off to battle. She tries to ensure her brother's present will still be a great one but, he wants only one thing. A horse. As their birthday draws nearer she watches the chances of tracell getting a horse dwindle. With the help of her birthday present she thinks she can ensure his.

Find out if she succeeds in Anne McCaffery's If Wishes Were Horses.

Four ****

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope Everyone Has A Safe & Happy Thanksgiving!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Vixen by, Jillian Larkin~~Review

Vixen The Flappers Series by, Jillian Larkin- Release Date Dec. 14,2010

I loved this book! It is so unique being set in the 20’s. This is the story of three friends. Gloria society girl engaged to Sebastian Grey a most eligible bachelor, Lorraine the neglected little rich girl wanting to be loved by a boy who doesn’t see her as anything but a friend, and Marcus the handsome playboy living his life to the fullest. Then there is Clara Gloria’s cousin who has come to Chicago in disgrace to “help with Gloria’s wedding” but there is more to Clara than meets the eye.

The excitement of rebelling against society and going to an underground speakeasy. For Gloria it is to try to live a little before she marries the boring Bastian. For Lorraine she just wants to get out from under Gloria’s shadow and be the center of attention. At the speakeasy Gloria meets Jerome part of the jazz band she finds she is attracted to him but there is a huge problem as Jerome is a man of color and this is the 1920’s.

This book has it all friendship, betrayal, secrets, forbidden love, and gangsters. From the uptown society of Chicago to the seedy underground I loved every minute of this book. Jillian Larkin takes you back to the 20’s and puts you right there the feel the music the clothes. She brings this period piece to life. I liked that the love story was sweet and not the usual fare. There is a lot of drinking as it is set during prohibition and they go to a speakeasy and a lot of smoking which in the 20’s was something everyone did. One just needs to remember that this is historical fiction and the author has re-created the atmosphere very well.

This is a great debut and a great beginning to a fun series. The ending is a cliffhanger that left me salivating for the next installment. Bravo Miss Larkin you have me completely hooked!

I received this book from Barnes & Noble First Look Program thank you for the opportunity to read this book.

4 ½ Stars

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Keeper of the Keys by, Janny Wurts-Audiobook~~Review

Keeper of the Keys by, Janny Wurts-Audiobook~~Review

In this one we see Jaric still trying to not become his Father Ivain the Firelord, to run from his responsibilities yet deep down knows he must face them sooner or later. IMHO This book explores the question does the power make a man mad or is the man mad to begin with? Just because the Firelord Ivain, Jerics father, was mad/crazy with power does that mean that Jaric will be too?

Taen is going through some troubles of her own plus still trying to save Anskiere and Jeric. There are some nasty demons that are playing with Jeric & Taen making them/Me wonder just what to believe is it real or dream.

I know that’s a bad description but as usual there is a lot going on. Action packed all the way through it’s definitely the middle book because it was pure action from beginning to end.

I look forward to the next book to see how this story ends up. Will Jeric embrace his Firelord heritage? What will be the consequences to him and those around him if he does? Will Taen survive? Is there a way to save her brother from the demons who enslave him? Do all of Taen's dreams come true or do they change from people's choices? So yes alot of questions to answers in the next book.

I enjoyed the Epilogue's last line Taen reminded me of Scarlett O’Hara-Tomorrow could only come after today.

As with the last book the narration by David Thorpe was fantastic! His demons were so scary the voices gave me chills.

5 Stars

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wolf Hall by, Hilary Mantel ~~Review

Wolf Hall by, Hilary Mantel
This is a hard review to write because there is so much going on in this book. It is the story of Thomas Cromwell from the time he is a teen. He was instrumental in securing Henry VIII’s divorce from Catherine so he could marry Anne Boleyn. He was a very ambitious man and I felt he went whichever way the wind blew to further himself.

Things about this book that left me wondering, the title for one, Wolf Hall only comes into it in the last 10 or so pages and that this is where the book ends not with the life of Thomas Cromwell but with the life of Sir Thomas Moore.

There seems to be so much more story to tell, it showed his rise to power but not his downfall there is only 5 more years of Thomas Cromwell’s life and I just feel like the story wasn’t finished yet. I think if you’re going to tell his story from a teen and up it should go to his death, especially when his fall from grace is only 5 years from the end of this book.

I did enjoy this book although it is rather confusing because so many people had the same names. I also think if you have no prior Tudor knowledge this book may not be for you. You need to know some of the players and history for this book to make sense. If you are a huge fan of the Tudors and would like some background into one of the minor players (With the Royals being the major ones) then this is for you. It was very well written but not a book I would read twice.

I did end up listening to this book on audio because I had a hard time getting into the print version. The Narrator Simon Slater was excellent and his mastery with all the different voices helped keep all the characters straight. If I were rating just the audio quality it would be a 4 - 41/2.Will be seeking out what else Simon Slater has narrated.

3 ½ Stars
Full Disclosure I won this book from LibraryThing Early Reviewers program

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Hob's Bargain Patricia Briggs

Aren is a magical person. This in it's self is a death sentance. Then the night after she marries her family is killed along with her husband. She hides in the basment cellar from the robbers and the lands magic is somehow magically relased. She now realizes that the bandits aren't leaving and even more fear inspireing forces are on thier way.

She goes into the mountains and meets the Hob. He agrees to helkp Aren save the valley and village on one condition. Marrage. She agrees and he also starts to help her develop her magic. In the end with the help of the Hob she saves the village.

Four stars ****