Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Keeper of the Keys by, Janny Wurts-Audiobook~~Review

Keeper of the Keys by, Janny Wurts-Audiobook~~Review

In this one we see Jaric still trying to not become his Father Ivain the Firelord, to run from his responsibilities yet deep down knows he must face them sooner or later. IMHO This book explores the question does the power make a man mad or is the man mad to begin with? Just because the Firelord Ivain, Jerics father, was mad/crazy with power does that mean that Jaric will be too?

Taen is going through some troubles of her own plus still trying to save Anskiere and Jeric. There are some nasty demons that are playing with Jeric & Taen making them/Me wonder just what to believe is it real or dream.

I know that’s a bad description but as usual there is a lot going on. Action packed all the way through it’s definitely the middle book because it was pure action from beginning to end.

I look forward to the next book to see how this story ends up. Will Jeric embrace his Firelord heritage? What will be the consequences to him and those around him if he does? Will Taen survive? Is there a way to save her brother from the demons who enslave him? Do all of Taen's dreams come true or do they change from people's choices? So yes alot of questions to answers in the next book.

I enjoyed the Epilogue's last line Taen reminded me of Scarlett O’Hara-Tomorrow could only come after today.

As with the last book the narration by David Thorpe was fantastic! His demons were so scary the voices gave me chills.

5 Stars

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