Sunday, September 7, 2008

Non-Fiction Review "My Lobotomy" by,Howard Dully

My Lobotomy by, Howard Dully
This book was a sad yet fascinating story of a man looking for the answers as to why he was given a lobotomy at the age of 12.Howard's mother died when he was young and his father remarried,his stepmother pretty much hated him from the start and was mentally and physically abusive to him.She went from doctor to doctor trying to have him committed ,anything to get him out of her house. She finally met Dr.Freeman the pioneer of the ice pick lobotomy in him she thought she'd found the solution to her problems, as I read the book I had to wonder if she hoped it would kill him.He was the youngest person to have a lobotomy and most medical professionals at the time were very much against this procedure in general and especially on children.
The books tells of Howard's life after the lobotomy ,his stepmother continued to send him away he grew up in juvenile homes and state hospital's to being homeless and alcoholic.When he was finally clean and sober and in a stable relationship and had children of his own he decided he wanted answers to his lifelong question -Why?.
In doing research Howard was contacted by NPR Radio the last three chapters are on this radio show.They found his medical record's that Dr.Freeman had donated to a library,he finally got some of the answers he was looking for.
I went on and listened to the radio show it was very interesting and emotional.
I recommend this book whole-heartedly.