Saturday, April 26, 2008

what I'm reading now..5 Stars

I just finished "Garden Spells" by, Sarah Addison Allen.What a great book very well written and a fun story that shows there's no place like home.It does have some fantasy aspects to it but even if you don't like fantasy you will enjoy this book,because the core of the book is the relationship between two sisters who find their way back to each other and become better friends than they ever were as young girls.It has delightful characters my favorite being cousin Evanelle and Sydney's daughter Bay.I am looking forward to her next book to be released in May 2008.Its not a sequel this story didn't need one it wrapped up nicely.Would definitely recommend this book.5 Stars!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What I'm Reading Now...

I'm am reading another book by Loraine Despres called The Scandalous Summer of Sissy LeBlanc.As much as I enjoyed Belle Cantrell Sissy is not as enjoyable it has too much blatantly sexual content,to me its just not needed especially since this is set in the 50's.I think these two books would have been good young adult books if there wasn't so much sex in them!Especially Belle since it goes into the subject of racism and suffragettes.Glad I read Belle first because if I had read Sissy first I may not have given Belle a try.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New & Donated Books this week

Brand new by, Mary Higgins Clark-Where Are You Now?
Dead Watch by, John Sandford
Elvis Takes a Backseat by, Leanna Ellis
The Memory Keepers Daughter by, Kim Edwards
The Bad Behavior of Belle Cantrell & The Scandalous Summer of Sissy LeBlanc by, Loraine Despres
The Law of Similar's by, Chris Bohajalian
Contact Zero by, David Wolfstencroft
I Should be Extremely Happy with You -a novel of Lewis & Clark by, Brian Hall
The Killer's Wife by, Bill Floyd
The Peppered Moth by, Margaret Drabble
Back Home Again by, Melody Carlson
Off Keck Road by, Mona Simpson
Bel Canto by, Ann Patchett
The Truth of the Matter by, Robb Forman Drew
Female Intelligence by, Jane Heller
The Last Full Measure by, Jeff Shaara
Roses are Dead by, Loren Estleman
In Non-Fiction:
Mistaken Identity Don & Susie Van Ryn & Newall,Colleen & Whitney Cerak
Blind Eye-How The Medical Establishment Let a Doctor Get Away With Murder by, James B. Stewart
In Young Adult :
Queste by, Angie Sage #4 of The Septimus Heap Series
Maximum Ride:Saving the World and other Extreme Sports by, James Patterson
Twilight by, Stephanie Myers
The Wright 3 by, Blue Balliet

Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy National Library Week

A little library, growing larger every year, is an honourable part of a man's history. It is a man's duty to have books. A library is not a luxury, but one of the necessaries of life.-Henry Ward Beecher

Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library. The only entrance requirement is interest. - Lady Bird Johnson

What is a great love of books? It is something like a personal introduction to the great and good men of all past times. Books, it is true, are silent as you see them on their shelves; but, silent as they are, when I enter a library I feel as if almost the dead were present, and I know if I put questions to these books they will answer me with all the faithfulness and fulness which has been left in them by the great men who have left the books with us.- John Bright

Book I'm reading right now

I am reading the funniest book right now it's called "The Bad Behavior of Belle Cantrell" by, Loraine Despres.It is set in the 1920's with prohibition in full swing and women are fighting for their right to vote.Its about a young widow living in the south and her struggle between independence and southern propriety.This book is very well written and will make you giggle!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Well this is my first posting and I am new at this so I hope everyone will bear with me while I'm learning!I will be adding new books tommorrow,I will also have a posting for our Teen Advisory Board with the reviews they've done and recommended books.