Monday, November 29, 2010

If Wishes Were Horses By Anne McCaffery

Tirza, Tracell, and Lady TalarrieEircelly are devastated when their father must go off to war. They are left to take care of a village of people who could be attacked at any time. Only Lady Talarrie's calm head and intelligence saves them.

Tirza and her twin Tracell want nothing more than to turn 16. They just can’t wait to grow up. When the war starts tirza realizes that while her present is still secure her brother's has galloped off to battle. She tries to ensure her brother's present will still be a great one but, he wants only one thing. A horse. As their birthday draws nearer she watches the chances of tracell getting a horse dwindle. With the help of her birthday present she thinks she can ensure his.

Find out if she succeeds in Anne McCaffery's If Wishes Were Horses.

Four ****

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