Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Horses For The King By: Anne McCaffrey

In this book Galwyn Varianus is working for his uncle on a ship. He hates this more than anything in the world. The lack of horses seems to be his biggest problem. When he runs into Lord Artos he is awe struck. He wants to help this man in any way possible. After running away from his uncle he travels with Lord Artos to a fair where he finds out that Artos is planning to take the largest horses he can find and use them in the war against the Saxons.

The only problem with the beautiful black horses is that their hooves are not used to the wet ground and easily develop problems. A man named Canydthinks he’s got the answer. Shoes for the horses. No one but Galwyn believes in this idea. Together they struggle to develop the shoes in time for the war. If they succeed they could be the reason the British win the war.

Four ****

Wow! What a great book.

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