Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cry Wolf by, Patricia Briggs ~~Review

Cry Wolf by, Patricia Briggs
This was the start of a new series in The World of the Marrok featuring Charles & Anna well actually the start is in the book of short stories On the Prowl. Charles is Bran’s (The Marrok’s) son and enforcer/hitman who in the 2 centuries he’s lived has never been mated, until he meets Anna –in the short story The Alpha & Omega. Anna is an Omega wolf who was attacked and changes then abused by the Chicago pack that Charles rescued her from.
Cry Wolf starts out with Charles & Anna going back to Montana and getting to know each other because their wolves have already decided they are mated. But trouble is brewing in the mountains surrounding the pack’s home and Bran has no choice but to send Charles to investigate
I love Patricia Briggs writing she has created a wonderful world in the World of the Marrok that started for me in Moon Called a Mercy Thompson story. This one is different because our heroine in this is Anna who is deeply damaged by the events in Chicago after she was forcibly changed.
I am looking forward to more of Charles & Anna’s story and how they deal with the past and future. I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be reading the next book in this series.
4 Stars

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