Monday, July 13, 2009

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

In World War 2, a plane crashes on a remote island, stranding a group young boys. The boys have fun for a time, but soon things break apart. Rules become a thing of the past, the signal fire is all but forgotten, and savagery becomes the new way of life. Hunting is all that is important to most of the boys, and those who don't agree are excluded and left to die. That is until they become a "threat" to the new way of life the boys have found on the island...

I thought that the idea of being stranded on an island and living a young boy's fantasy of growing up in the wild with no adults or rules was nice, but only as an idea. This novel seemed a little longwinded even though it is a very short book, and it seemed a little random at times. One minute the boys are prancing around having fun and the next they might be in an argument over how important hunting really was to their survival. No offense to anyone who liked "The Great Gatsby", but that is the only comparison I have as far as books that I have a great dislike for...

Two stars * *

Erienne Sjoquist

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