Monday, July 13, 2009

Blackthorn Winter by Kathryn Reiss

First off, this book was very predictable. It's your average murder mystery, so there were no real surprises.
Juliana Martin-Drake is not happy about moving to England with her mother and twin siblings. But her mother wants some "time off" from her marriage and goes back to her homeland of jolly old England to work on her paintings. Juliana meets a boy who we can obviously predict she falls in love with and tries to investigate the murder of her mother's close friend Liza Pethering. Juliana, who is adopted, rediscovers her forgotten memories of childhood and uses them to solve the mystery. Everything wraps up nicely, if a bit boringly, but it was still a good ending.
This was a rather good book, even with all the predictableness, so it will be getting: 3 stars ***

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