Friday, July 10, 2009

Black Taxi By:James Moloney

This book is about Rosie Sinclair. Her grandfather was just put in prison for six months after a thirty year career of a not so legal nature.While he is in prison Rosie gets to take care of his black Mercedes.

The Problem: After Rosie gets the car and a cell phone of her grandfather's she starts receiving threatening phone calls from "Mr. Underworld."

Other characters: Glenda her best friend who also happens to be an exotic dancer, Todd a nice sporty boy who she kinda likes, and bad boy Chris who turns her world upside down.

Summary: After getting the car and phone Rosie gets calls threatening her grandfather if she doesn't return the ring.She also finds out that her grandpa also uses the Mercedes to taxi some elderly people around town. Now with the help of Glenda, Todd, and Chris Rosie fights to keep her grandfather safe.Will she be successful? Find out in Black Taxi.

I really liked how this author keeps you guessing.He has you thinking it's this person then suddenly he proves you wrong.This was a great book so i gave it 4 stars. (****)

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  1. Sounds good I'm going to have to read this one!Great Review Alyssa!