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The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives by, Lola Shoneyin ~~Review

The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives by, Lola Shoneyin
Summary-The story of a polygamous husband and his four very different wives. For Baba Segi, his collection of wives and gaggle of children are a symbol of prosperity, success, and a validation of his manhood. All is well in this patriarchal home until Baba arrives with wife number four: a quiet, college-educated, young woman named Bolanle. Jealous and resentful of this interloper who is stealing their husband’s attention, Baba Segi’s three wives begin to plan her downfall. How dare she offer to teach them to read, they whisper. They vow to teach her a lesson instead. What they don’t know is that Bolanle hides a terrible secret: a secret that unwittingly exposes the deception and lies upon Baba Segi’s household rests.

My Review:
This books setting was new to me I don’t think I’ve read any fiction from Africa. This is the story of Baba Segi and his 4 wives and their children. His newest wife Bolanle has not been welcomed with open arms by is other wives. In fact they make life downright miserable for her.

There were times in this story where I was a bit confused as to who was talking. It changed POV very often and wasn’t always clear who the new narrator was.
Other than that I liked this book it was a good story even though I figured out ‘the secret’ before the people in the book did. It was quite the comeuppance for these wives after all the hurt they had caused Bolanle and others.

When I requested this book I thought it was historical fiction but it is set in modern times I don’t know enough about the setting to know if plural wives are common place or even if they are legal. But this was a very interesting story of the lives of this family.

I would recommend this book it is a good story even though I didn’t like a lot of the people in it as they are all extremely flawed by their past. I however did like the story and would read others by this author.

3 ½ Stars (This book would have been 4 stars if it was less confusing by the changing POV)

Full Disclosure: I received this book through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers Program

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