Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finder by, Emma Bull~~TAB Review~~

Finder by, Emma Bull

I have read many books in the past eighteen years of my life. Some of them have been amazing, and some… well let us just say that some deserve to be buried and forgotten. But Finder by, Emma Bull has probably been the most intriguing. The story is set in Bordertown, a place somewhere between the human world and faery where all running from a past or a bleak future seem to wind up. Our main character is Orient. Now Orient isn’t just a regular young man, no Orient has the ability to “find” things. Just ask him where something is and it’s like his brain turns into a dowsing rod pulling him closer and closer to the missing object.

One day while he and his elf partner in crime Tick-Tick are sitting in a restaurant when Sunny Rico, a no-nonsense cop, comes to ask for Orient’s help. It seems that there is a deadly drug promising to turn the taker into faeries trickling its way into the veins of Bordertown. Sunny wants to use orient’s strange ability to track it down. A harrowing tale ensues, filled with tragedy, loss and the breaking down of racial barriers to come to the conclusion that you can only be yourself. You can’t be perfect, and even the things that seem like they are. Fail under closer scrutiny.

I really enjoyed reading this book. What struck me most was the fact that there was this drug being peddled to eliminate the human race, well the ones in Bordertown anyway, trying to make them “perfect” like the faeries. Imperfections have this funny way of most often not be imperfections at all, but traits, habits, and abilities that make us all beautiful and unique individuals.

At a more technical point of view, the book was fairly easy to read, kind of dragged a little bit towards the end and sometimes there was a lot of inner reflection on orient’s part that can get a little confusing to read, but it was understandable because he was supposed to be feeling all this turmoil. Over all Finder was a very satisfying read, so I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

Sara Schuster

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