Friday, August 6, 2010

Dragongirl by, Todd McCaffrey~~Review

Dragongirl by, Todd McCaffrey

This book continues the story of Fiona, T’Mar, Lorana & Kindan and their fight to save the dragons. I couldn’t put it down the first 200 pages flew by then it slowed a bit. This is a sad book the Weyrs don’t have enough dragons to fly thread so there are a lot of injuries and deaths in this book , one that almost made me cry (No Spoilers).

There is a lot of drama and action Fiona is one amazing weyrwoman she fights to keep the moral up when some just think everything is lost. Which this book seems to say at times. I hope this story arc is not the end of the Pern series. The blurb at the end says that Anne will be writing the next book with Todd to join him in the final drama of his tale of Pern. I sure hope that it’s just this storyline and not all of Pern that is ending!

I really enjoyed this book it was like going back to see old friends you have missed. These characters are well written fully fleshed out. I just did not like the cliffhanger ending but if that is the worst thing I can say about it then I would say I loved it!

4 ½ Stars

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