Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Life Revealed, by Suzi Katz *Review*

I hate to say this, but this book was terrible. No, I lied - this book was so awful that it deserves being called names. After finding that someone let the word "breathe" go misspelled on page 1, I started to have my doubts, but that was just the beginning. It should get better, right? Wrong. The struggle to reach page 103 (where I finally had to call it quits before I passed out from sheer boredom) was a grueling task. Oh, sure, the story seemed interesting at first - a girl named Chloe Jacob's parents get murdered for being witnesses and she has to be protected by the Witness Security Program - but it just went downhill from there. Obvious typos, horrible grammar, awkward dialogue - A Life Revealed had it all. The writing was short and choppy and didn't flow at all, making the story seem like a ten-year-old wrote it. Some of the sentences were completely random and just distracted you from what little subject matter there was. In fact, the whole story read like a really cheesy soap opera. The characters were boring and flat, and talked like they had sticks in their mouths (or so the dialogue made it seem). Chloe comes off as a whiny crybaby who causes waaaay too much drama and gets hurt alot. In the end, I give A Life Revealed 1 out of 5 stars, and only because some parts were just so stupid they made me laugh.
Review by Katie Gisi


  1. Well at least I know it wasn't just me who didn't enjoy this book!

  2. 怠惰使一切事情都困難,勤勞使一切事情都容易 ..................................................