Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cleopatra's Daughter by, Michelle Moran~Review

Cleopatra's Daughter by, Michelle Moran
Michelle Moran has once again entranced me with her writing. Cleopatra’s Daughter is the story of Marc Antony & Cleopatra’s (Kleopatra) children after they are taken to Rome after the deaths of their parents and the fall of Egypt to the Roman Caesar Octavian.

As always with Michelle Moran’s books I could not put this one down. She has researched so well into life in this time period the Romans to me were quite barbaric and the way most of them treated their slaves and their women (wives & daughters) was extremely heartbreaking.

The characters are brought to life by great writing and character development that some you want to be friends with and others you’d like to throttle. My favorite characters were Selene daughter of Antony & Cleopatra, Octavia sister and complete opposite of her brother Octavian and Gallia the Gaul Princess who became a slave after her country was overtaken. Julia daughter of Octavian was not my favorite character but when you are given some insight into what she has been through you are a little more sympathetic towards her. And you would think that the biggest villain of them all would be Octavian but you would be wrong it is his wife Livia what an awful woman she was!

Selene and her brother Alexander longed for their home in Alexandria and lived in the hope that one day they would return, but even though when they are brought to Rome they are kept in a fashion becoming of a Prince and Princess some things can only be a dream.

It was very interesting to me the kinds of relationships people had with each other , many marriages, affairs and children, how strange it must be to sit in the Forum and be told see that man over there he is your half brother, and not be allowed to even talk to them. Or for some to not be allowed to see or even mention your mother or father.

As I have said before I will read anything Michele Moran writes so I hope her next book is on the way because I have now read everything she has written.

Great book, beautiful descriptions that take you back in time, great characters so fully developed you don’t want to leave them behind when the book ends.

I recommend this book to anyone who reads historical fiction and even if you’re just discovering it this is a great place to start!
5 Stars


  1. Susie - thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful review. You have absolutely made my day!

  2. Your very welcome Michelle .I can't wait for your next book!