Monday, June 8, 2009

The Goblin Wood by, Hilari Bell

In a world where common magic has been deemed "unholy", a young hedgewitch learns the injustice of her world. Her mother dead,Makenna sets off on her own. She soon learns to servive by any means necessary. She soon finds herself in the company of goblins, though she may not wish to be. She becomes accustomed to thier ways and adopts them as her own. She thinks of humans as enemies, and the goblins become her family. She becomes thier leader and helps them to fight the humanswho have been encroaching on thier territory, the one they were forced to flee to, thier last haven. A young knight, and his employers have other plans for the goblins, until he is kidnapped by them and held prisoner. While held prisoner in thier village he learns about them, and finds that they aren't so different from humans. They're just shorter and some have a green complection... nope not so different. Makenna and Tobin, soon team up and try to find a solution to the imposing human threat.
A nice, easy read. Interesting, and not too predictable. 3 1/2 Stars
By, Showie

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