Monday, June 8, 2009

Dragon's Milk By: Susan Fletcher

Dragon's Milk By: Susan Fletcher
Kaeldra is FARIN, she is different. She has long blond hair. She is tall, too tall. Kaeldra has green eyes...Kaeldra's mother died when she was a little girl and she was taken in by Granmyr, who sees past Kaeldra's differences.Ryfen won't accept Kealdra, but her daughters do, which is a blessing to Kaeldra. Lyf, Ryfen's youngest daughter, gets sick.One thing can cure her, Dragon's Milk. Hard to come by, dangerous to get...and live. A hatching has happened, baby dragon's need milk.... Kaeldra must get milk, Lyf needs milk.Kaeldra ventures up the nearby mountains and stumbles upon the dragon's lair. She bargains with a mother dragon, in return for milk, Kaeldra will watch the draclings while the dam hunts. kaeldra has green eyes... "To find a dragon, first you must find a green eyed lass."The local people are missing livestock... Kaeldra could lead them to the dragon but she denies any knowledge of such a creature so the local people devise a plan to lure and kill the dragon.Plot twists, cool insight on the chapters, interesting events, info about dragons that you might not have known before.A good easy read that makes you want to know what happens so bad its like House's need for vicodin. My only regret is that its so short.
4 stars ****
by, Showie

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