Saturday, April 3, 2010

Silver Borne by, Patricia Briggs ~~~Review

Silver Borne by, Patricia Briggs

Wow what a great read!
I loved this book!The whole scene with Mercy &Sam at the beginning of the book- talk about raw emotion it was wonderfully written.And Sam's wolf was a great character funny to say but so much calmer than Samuel the man.

I enjoyed Adam & Mercy's playful side and the true love between them is refreshing without a third party screwing with it like so many books out right now.

I liked that they brought Bran in to help save Mercy I just love him!And liked the nod to Charles & Anna too.

Oh Heck I just loved everything about this book!

Some of my Favorite Lines from this book-
Page 57- Where does a werewolf sleep?Anywhere he wants to.

Page 131-I was probably being paranoid. The world didn't revolve around me, after all.Just because in the past year I'd had vampires,fae,and werewolves try to kill me at various times didn't mean someone was after me in the present

Page 189-Fourteen preteen girls, a tableful of werewolves-there were certain monstrous similarities.

5 Stars

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