Monday, April 5, 2010

Saving Juliet By: Suzanne Selfors

Suzanne Selfors has done a wonderful job of turning Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet into a novel for teens.She has managed to combine the struggles of one teens life and the story of Romeo and Juliet in one fabulous book. This is a story in Shakespearean proportions.

Mimi Wallingford has been living in her great great grandmother for all her life. She has been in acting for as long as she can remember and has hated it for nearly as long. When Mimi is forced to play Juliet in the Wallingford Theatre's production of Romeo And Juliet she is forced to work with the rising star Troy Summers. She develops one serious case of nerves before their second to last performance and gets into a fight with her mother. Troy chases her out of the Theatre and something amazing happens. When Mimi and Troy realise that they are in Shakespeare's Verona they have to help Romeo and Juliet overcome their story and find a way home. Will they make it? Find out in Suzanne Selfors' saving Juliet.