Monday, November 9, 2009

T.A.B. Review-The Midnight Diary of Zoya Blume by, Laura Shaine Cunningham

The Midnight Diary of Zoya Blume by, Laura Shaine Cunningham
In a nutshell it takes more letters to spell the authors name then it does to describe the story.BORING.The idea of an adopted orphan from Russia living with her quirky mother who suddenly has to leave for an emergency medical procedure is kind of interesting, but the story is written for a younger girl.
The story is really kind of predictable, nothing too exciting, except maybe for the birthing process of a cat (which is probably the most vivid part of the story, surprising in a story geared towards a younger audience). Our main character Zoya is also really whinny nerve grating. She doesn't change a whole lot throughout the story making it hard to like her.

Overall the book was really dull, all 163 pages of it, and at a way younger reading level than anyone in high school should be reading.
I give it 2 Stars.
Sara Schuster

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  1. I will move this book to juvenile fiction it sounds like someone might get more out of it there!