Friday, November 27, 2009

Dead Until Dark by, Charlaine Harris

Dead Until Dark by, Charlaine Harris

I liked parts of this book and disliked parts; I will try to explain.
Liked~ The storyline the whole vampires out of the closet, the characters were interesting even though I felt there may be too many. Oops that’s a dislike.
Dislike ~Too much explicit sex~~ The killing of a character that I felt would have made the series more interesting.

I guess I didn't find this book great and don't feel it lived up to all the hype I've heard. I am reading the second installment and do so far like it a bit better except that as with this book she's killed off a colorful character in the first 10 or so pages. But this is about the first book.
So I will conclude that the jury is still out on this series of books we'll see if when I get done with the 2nd one if it makes me want to read the 3rd.


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