Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bone Crossed by, Patricia Briggs

In the fourth book of the Mercy Thompson Series Mercy is once again up against bad vampires including an old enemy Marsilia.This is a great series I love Mercy she is such a strong independent woman.She takes care of herself even though she has all these Alpha Males/Werewolves on her side ,She fights for who she cares about and she fights for herself and tries her best not to become a "victim".What I really like about this book was that after the awful trauma she went through in the last book it wasn't just oh that story is over she's all better,no she deals with post traumatic stress and panic attacks.I like that she is relatable even in a fantasy world.
I also appreciate the fact that the writer of this book Patricia Briggs doesn't need to go into the long drawn out sex/love scene her writing reminds me of the old movies where you got to see the build-up and then the couple closing the bedroom door.
I will definitely keep reading about Mercy ,and recommending this book.5*****

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