Sunday, August 16, 2009

Arthur and the Seeing Stone
- Kevin Crossley-Holland

A well written story of a boy named Arthur, in the year 1199. Arthur is a young boy, soon to become a man. He is diligent
in his studies and practices his yard skills often. He takes great pride in his ability to read and write. He speaks as often as
possible with his friend Merlin, as he tries to understand the things that happen in the world.

Merlin gives Arthur a piece of obsidian, which Arthur treasures more than anything. As he holds it, it grows warm and shows
him things. One of these things is himself, but not himself. The boy in the stone looks like him, and bears the same name, but
they are not of the same world. Some things that Arthur-in-the-stone does, happen in his world, with some variations.

A very good book, with a twist on the old ledgends.

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