Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cut By:Patricia McCormick

Callie was put into Sea Pines to work on her "issues". She is not at Sea Pines voluntarily. Callie refuses to talk to anyone. Its not like she cant talk. She used to talk all the time. Then she was forced to go to Sea Pines. She thinks therapy is torture. She thinks group therapy is worse. The other girls "issues" are terrible, stupid things they shouldn't do. She does not think she has "issues". But what if she does?

This story relates to real issues that real people have. Its really hard to find a story that relates to teens without making our problem seem so immature. Patricia McCormick has found a way to write about real teen problems in a way that make a person realize how real they are. This is a great story about real issues.

4 stars

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