Monday, January 3, 2011

A Ring of Endless Light By: Madeline L'Engle

In this book girl named Vicky Austin and her family move to her grandfather's house to spend the summer with him. She is excited and scared to do this because er grandfather is dieing of leukaemia. At the begging of the summer a family friend dies and Vicky takes this as an omen of sorts. She is shaken out of her own little world where nothing bad happens into reality. As she faces fact that this death probably won't be the last of he summer she also struggles with boys. One who is charming and dashing but has a bit too much of a taste for danger, one who is recovering from his father's death, and one who is working with her on his summer science project. The boys all seem to need her ,including her grandfather, in one way or another, and as the summer goes on she begins to feel that her only relief is with the dolphins that she and Adam ( the boy with the science project) are working with. She feels pulled in so many directions and finally has a break down of sorts after a young girl in the hospital dies in her arms while she is waiting for a friend.

This book is amazingly deep and wonderfully written to bring the characters to life. I felt as if i was with Vicky through the entire ordeal, good and bad. Madeline did a fabulous job.

4 Stars

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