Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Eyre Affair by, Jasper Fforde~~Review

The Eyre Affair by, Jasper Fforde

In Jasper Fforde's Great Britain, circa 1985, time travel is routine, cloning is a reality (dodos are the resurrected pet of choice), and literature is taken very, very seriously. England is a virtual police state where an aunt can get lost (literally) in a Wordsworth poem and forging Byronic verse is a punishable offense. All this is business as usual for Thursday Next, renowned Special Operative in literary detection.

My Review:
I loved this book!! It is humorous and fun! If you are a fan of Jane Eyre or a fan of literature in general you need to read this book! I also think fans of Douglas Adams would like it too.

Thursday Next is a Spec Ops LiteraTec in a world similar to our own but oh so different. The Crimean War is still going on there is still a Czar of Russia. People travel in time, they are the SpecOps contingent of the Chrono Guard. Thursday’s father was in the Chrono Guard and is now on the run through time from them. Thursday is after a master criminal named Hades who is stealing original manuscripts of classic books, but what he is dong with them I will let you read it to find out. This had a bit of a steampunk feel to it because of the airships and the unique inventions. I loved the names of people in this book Jack Schitt and Braxton Hicks.

I can’t say enough of how much I loved this book I think it is a must read for everyone who loves to read! Now I must go out and buy this entire series!

5 Stars

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