Sunday, October 17, 2010

Salting Roses: A Novel by Lorelle Marinello~~Review

Salting Roses: A Novel by Lorelle Marinello~~Release Date December 2010

I so enjoyed this book I read it in a day. This is the story of Gracie Calloway who was found on a doorstep in Alabama and raised with love by the people she was left with who thought she was their niece. They didn't have much money and Gracie was treated pretty badly as a child by other children whose families looked down on her. (No Spoilers it’s on the back of the book) Gracie is now 25 and happy with her life and family when she finds out she was kidnapped and is the heiress to a fortune.

This book is about making choices and what it really means to be family. I loved all the characters in this book with Artie being my favorite. There is a little romance, which I thought was a cute love story. But it is mostly about discovering who you are versus who you were meant to be. How would you deal with these life-changing events if you were in Gracie’s shoes?

Gracie is a strong stubborn woman set in her ways taking care of everyone around her but not thinking much about herself. I liked that she was a tomboy and played baseball, she has flaws and low self esteem and you will cheer for her to find her true self.

I highly recommend this book to people who enjoy southern fiction and great characters.

Thank you so much Library Thing Early Reviewers for the chance to read this book!

4 1/2 Stars

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