Friday, October 29, 2010

One Crazy Summer by, Rita Williams-Garcia Audiobook Review

One Crazy Summer by, Rita Williams-Garcia Audiobook Review~~

Delphine and her sisters are being shipped off to spend the summer with the mother who left them when they were small to go off and become a poet. The girls arrive in Oakland in the late 60’s(1968?)to find their mother is a poet for the Black Panthers and still has really no interest in being their mother.

Wow what unfeeling mom Cecil is. Her daughter Delphine is so much more a grown-up than she is and a much better mom to the younger kids than Cecil is. Also such an interesting history lesson into a turbulent time in the US told through the eyes of an 11 year-old-girl. The girls end up being immersed into the Black Panther movement which kind of scares Delphine as she has seen and heard about arrests and murders of people just because they have an affiliation with the group. Of course as the summer goes on the relationship changes but maybe not as you would expect.

There are a few things I wonder about if Cecil didn’t want the girls there why did their father & Big Ma send them? And when certain things happen*No Spoilers* why wasn’t their father notified and the girls sent home? Why was it up to Delphine?
I think this is a must read! Do you hear me Newberry people?? This deserves every award it has won and will win.

On the Audio-The narration by Sisa Aisha Johnson is really great! She Is Delphine through & through! Her narration is totally believable and I see why this narrator has won an audiofile earphone award.

I won this book and would like to Thank Recorded Books for a great audio.

4 ½ stars

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