Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Looking Glass Wars (Audio) by, Frank Beddor~~Review

The Looking Glass Wars #1 by, Frank Beddor Narrated by, Gerard Doyle

This was a fun twist on the Alice in Wonderland story Frank Beddor brings us characters that come to life in an enchanting way. This is a bit darker than the version you are used to but it’s written so well that it was hard to put down.

The characters and the weaponry are pretty fascinating the hatter had the best weapons and then there’s General Dopple and General Ganger which in the audio version was done with an echo so you heard both voices at once which was a neat effect you wouldn’t get from reading the book. Redd is the baddest of baddies with the Cheshire cat not the smiling helper but a hitman extraordinaire.

And then there is Alyss which as she told Rev. Dodgson AKA Lewis Carroll is the correct way to spell her name. When she ends up in the real world of course no one believes her stories of Wonderland or that she is a Princess she think the Rev. does but when she sees the mockery of her life he writes she won’t speak to him again.

There is war and romance and spies and a great story that will grab you and not let you go.

Loved the bonus song on the audiobook. The narrator Gerard Doyle did a Fantastic Job; I will be looking for other books narrated by him!

4 Stars

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