Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Audiobook Week Discussion #2

How to Write an Audiobook Review – Audiobook Week Discussion #2

I like how Jen at Devourer of Books stated it so check out her site.

As for me I guess I usually just review the book itself the majority of the time not even mentioning that I listened to it on audio. The times I do mention it is usually if the narration was very good or very bad.
As stated over at Devourer of Books and in the comments made on the page a person really should put a little something at the end to talk about the narrator and/or production value. I will have to do that more often. I listen to so many audio books but yet there are only a handful of narrators I know by name. I think it would be worth my time to add more about the audio side of the book in my reviews. Even if it’s just to help me keep track of which narrators I liked and which I didn’t.


  1. I think it is helpful, because then you know if you want to avoid a book in audio because you've heard the narrator before and not enjoyed him or her.

  2. I've started to keep track of narrators. They make or break it for me.