Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Audio Book Week Day #3

Jen over at Devourer of Books made a quick and easy post for the middle of the week, just a short meme.

Audiobook are you currently reading/you read most recently: I just finished “Just Take My heart” now listening to “In The Company of the Courtesan”

Impressions?: Just Take My heart was good well and read and In the Company of the Courtesan has taken some time for me to get into the narration is good and the story is finally picking up.

How long you’ve been listening to audiobooks: I’d guess 3 years

First audiobook you ever listened to: Wow hmm my guess would be something by, Jonathan Kellerman read by, John Rubenstein

Favorite audiobook title: That’s a hard one too my favorites have been
The Outlander Series read by, Davina Porter-
The Help was a great multi-voiced production-
The Shadow of the Wind read by, Jonathan Davis-
And of course The Stephanie Plum Series read by, Lorelei King-
Anything by Jonathan Kellerman read by,John Rubenstein

Favorite narrator: My favorite has to be Davina Porter she really brings the Outlander series to life and even when I read the actual books I hear her voice!

How do you choose what to listen to versus read? Depends on my mood and what I can get my hands on, but I always try to be listening to one genre and reading another so I don’t confuse myself


  1. Oh yes, I completely agree about Davina Porter. I gush over and over about her.

  2. The Help and the Stephanie Plum books are definitely in my favorites list, although The Shadow of the Wind wasn't.

    I should try something by Davina Porter. I enjoyed the first Outlander book (on paper), but somehow haven't continued with the series.

  3. You'll definatly finish The Outlander Series if you listen to it on audio.I was hooked and have actually listened to them more than once!

  4. Loved "The Help," too. What'd you think of the narrator on the benefit scene? It was an interesting choice, I think. Necessary, but interesting.

  5. Everyone seems to like The Help on audio and the Outlander series - they must be good! Here's my meme.

  6. I've yet to listen to any audio books. One of these days when I take a driving trip, I'll try one.