Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dead in the Family by, Charlaine Harris~~Review

Dead in the Family by, Charlaine Harris

I enjoyed this addition to the Sookie Stackhouse series. I liked that Sookie was dealing with the events from the last book and it wasn’t swept under the rug. I was glad to see her and Jason getting closer again and acting more like brother and sister and to see Jason “growing up”.

Its kind of funny even though I have watched the True Blood Series I still see the people I’ve always seen in my head and not the characters from the show because “my Sookie” is different, which isn’t a bad thing it just kind of struck me while reading this.

I liked the growing relationship with Eric and how it is feeling more real and not just because of the blood bond or fairy attraction.

The whole storyline with Bill seemed a little rushed almost like an afterthought. It was like oh ya I suppose I need to write Bill in somehow. I hope there will be more to that story in the next book.

There was a lot less action in this one than in previous books but after what Sookie went through in the last book it was a good thing it was more character driven than action driven.

All in all another good book in this series.

3 ½ Stars

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