Monday, May 10, 2010

Allon Book 1 by, Shawn Lamb~~Review

Book Description: The land of Allon was a paradise until the fall of the Guardians paved the way for the rise of the Dark Way. Evil King Marcellus now controls the land as his forefathers did, with an iron fist and the help of the evil spirit, Dagar. But an ancient prophecy speaks of a time to come when the Guardians will return and Allon will be restored--lead by its rightful heir. All the while, the exiled teenage Promised Prince, Ellis, must prove himself worthy to be king through a series of supernatural trials that test his character, wisdom, courage, and his heart.
The first in the Allon series, this magical tale of adventure, destiny, and faith will test your strength and awaken your spirit of adventure.

My Review:
This was a good young adult fantasy but I would probably market it, as YA/Christian/Fantasy.There is a definite Christian feel to this book, which I don't normally enjoy although I did enjoy this book. I did however find it had way to many characters and it was hard to keep track of them all.

It is an epic battle of good and evil to save the “country” of Allon. The rightful King of Allon Ellis and the Daughter of Allon are to rule under the protection of Jo’Rel (God) with the help of the Guardians they are to battle the sitting King Marcellus who is using the Dark Ways of Dagar (The Devil) to stay on the throne. They talk a lot about a Great Battle in the past and I wish there would have been a prologue telling us a little more about that battle and who was who in it. Maybe then all the characters wouldn’t have been so confusing it felt like the author introduced a new character every page and you weren’t sure which ones you needed to remember for later. This may have been a 4 star book other than the fact of too many characters and it needs to be marketed as Christian fiction. I did like this book well enough to read the next book in this series.

I would recommend this book to Young Adults, Fantasy Lovers, and Christian Fiction Readers.
3 1/2 Stars

Full Disclosure: I received this book from the author

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