Monday, September 14, 2009

T.A.B. review of "The Whispering Road" by, Livi Michael

The Whispering Road by, Livi Michael is about Joe and Annie, a brother and sister who were abandoned by their mother at a work house in the English country side. They are then sold out as farm hands only to be beaten and abused. They then escape and make their way along a winding road full of peril and danger, but not without a few kind-hearted souls. A few of these include a vagabond who maybe named Travis (he doesn't believe in giving his real name), the dog woman ( who may be a fallen angel), and a traveling circus full of misfits where Annie fits right in. I'll let you find out why. They meet all these people on their way to Manchester in search of their mother.

The Whispering Road is set amongst the middle class rebellion of the upper class. The middle class is trying to over throw the rich. This makes for an interesting plot. You get to see the cracks in the English social classes, and how people start to realize that the way that things are going on, like putting people in to the work houses, hundreds of children being put out on the streets, and the filth that people live in, could be made better.

Over all The Whispering Road isn't a bad book,. It almost feels like it could be split into two books or more though because our main character Joe goes through all these changes and they are very pronounced.You can tell when a new section of his life is about to happen. I give this book 3 ***

Sheriff Schuster

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