Friday, July 8, 2011

Save Me by, Lisa Scottoline~~Review

Save Me by, Lisa Scottoline~~
Goodreads description:

Rose McKenna volunteers as a lunch mom in her daughter Melly’s school in order to keep an eye on Amanda, a mean girl who’s been bullying her daughter. Her fears come true when the bullying begins, sending Melly to the bathroom in tears. Just as Rose is about to follow after her daughter, a massive explosion goes off in the kitchen, sending the room into chaos. Rose finds herself faced with the horrifying decision of whether or not to run to the bathroom to rescue her daughter or usher Amanda to safety. She believes she has accomplished both, only to discover that Amanda, for an unknown reason, ran back into the school once out of Rose's sight. In an instance, Rose goes from hero to villain as the small community blames Amanda’s injuries on her. In the days that follow, Rose's life starts to fall to pieces, Amanda’s mother decides to sue, her marriage is put to the test, and worse, when her daughter returns to school, the bullying only intensifies. Rose must take matters into her own hands and get down to the truth of what really happened that fateful day in order to save herself, her marriage and her family.

My Review:This books starts out as one thing and morphs into something completely different. Lisa Scottoline wrote a unique book it is a story about tragedy, families, bullying, murder and the consequences of the choices you make, but they won’t happen the way you think you do. The twists and turns in this book will keep you guessing just when you think the story is going one way it flips around and becomes something else.

This was different than Lisa Scottoline’s other books but good none the less, it still kept me riveted and it was hard to put down. There was the legal part of this book and it was interesting to learn about the laws on what you’re really signing up for when you volunteer at your child’s school and what your liability could be if something should happen. The reporter Tanya Robertson was so Nancy Grace her witch hunt for Rose was just so far over the top but also so very true to life with the state of our media at present.

I did enjoy this book it was different and compelling.

I received this book from Librarything Early Reviewer Program

3 ½ Stars

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