Monday, June 6, 2011

Ranger"s Apprentice Book One~ John Flanagan

In this book a ward of the fief Redmont has been living at the Castle Redmont since he was born. His mother and father died in at time and he he was left on the castle steps. Fifteen ears later he and four other in his age group are ready to choose their jobs for life. The others are all approved by their Guild Masters but Will is not. Just when he thinks he is doomed to a life of farm work the Ranger of the fief decides to take him on as his new apprentice. Will has always thought Ranger ways were strange at best and knows little about what his future will hold. Just when hes getting settled into the routine of his new life Morgarath, the same man who warred with the Kingdom 15 years ago decides to start another war. What is Will in for now and would have been better off as a farmer? Find out in Ranger's Apprentice.

This book was a good read. The story was simple but made you want to read more. About fifteen pages into the book I wanted to know what was going to happen to Will. I thought is was a great easy reader!
4 Stars ****

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