Friday, March 11, 2011

Madame Tussaud:A Novel of the French Revolution by, Michelle Moran

Madame Tussaud:A Novel of the French Revolution by, Michelle Moran

Another hit for Michelle Moran! I am learning so much about the French Revolution that I never knew. And about Madame Tussaud, I have been to Madame Tussauds in London and to learn this background about her and how extremely talented she was, it’s all just so very interesting. How the King & Queen were so oblivious to what was really going on in their country, or at least the king was.

How awful this revolution was, they said the King was a tyrant but how it turned these revolutionaries into way worse than the King ever was. The horrors that Marie had to see and sculpt she was an amazing and strong woman. When she is asked to make these death masks it’s all quite gruesome.

I was amazed how her and her Uncle Curtius straddled the two sides of the revolution for as long as they did and how they changed the displays sometimes daily how fast she was able to sculpt these amazing works of art.

I’ll be honest I was never that interested in the French Revolution until this book now I am googling everyone mentioned! To me that is what makes a good historical fiction book is if you want to learn more about the events and people and this one definitely did that!

This was a fascinating look into the life of a woman I think most people have heard of but never really knew about. This is a great read and as usual I look forward to more from Michelle Moran!

5 Stars

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