Monday, March 1, 2010

Bran Hambric The Farfierld Curse By:Kaleb Nation

So before i start I'm just gonna say this book is definitely for people with wild imaginations. I loved it but you kinda have to be in to magic stuff to like this book.

Bran has no memory of his life before he was six. He showed up in a locked vault in the town of Dunce. There is this rule in Dunce that says if you find an orphan you have to keep the child and raise it. When Bran is 14 his adoptive "family" gets a burglar. It doesn't steal anything, bit that's not saying it didn't try. Sewey (father) gets extremely paranoid by this and Bran ends up sitting on the roof watch for the burglar.

A few days later the family goes to a picnic. There is also a carnival going on at the time. Bran discovers he has magical powers. He also figures out he is part of The Farfield Curse.

I should tell you the rules of Dunce. They are as follows:
1)No Gnomes
2)No mages
3)No Etcetera

These rules put Bran in a bad position. He is a mage.There are great powers at work and he doesn't even know for sure how he is involved, but with the help of two other mages, a gnome and the dark dreams he may save the entire country and possibly the whole world from the unknown.

Join him to find out if he succeeds in The Farfield Curse.

Four stars: ****

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  1. Alyssa, I wanted to come back from last week's Teaser Tuesday and share my review on The Manufactured Identity as you showed interest.