Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review Truly, Madly by, Heather Webber

Title: Truly, Madly by, Heather Webber ARC Copy From ER Program @ LibraryThing
Release Date: Feb.2,2009

Lucy hails from a long line of matchmakers known as Valentine Inc. According to family legend, the Valentines have been blessed by Cupid with psychic ability to help couples find true love. Trouble is, Lucy’s powers were zapped away by an electrical surge and now all she can do is find lost objects. What good is that in the matchmaking world?

The mix of Romance- Mystery & Humor was just the right blend.

I enjoyed this book much more than I expected to after seeing the quote on the back saying "Romance with a little Mystery and whole lot of fun” I would say just the perfect blend of all three!
Lucy Valentine is a great character she’s funny & tough, yet sweet & sensitive. I’ve also noticed a trend in some recent books I’ve read and was happy to see a romance Without a love triangle and I hope this series continues this.
I enjoyed Lucy & Sean’s courtship and all of the supporting characters are a great addition to this series and I look forward to getting to know them better.
The Mystery kept me guessing and was happily surprised by an outcome I had not figured out. This book is a nice mix of cozy mystery with a splash of psychic ability thrown in. If you like Janet Evanovich, Diane Mott-Davidson etc. you’ll enjoy this new series.

I know this book doesn’t come out till Feb.2010 but I am already looking forward to the next book in series. Bring on more Lucy Valentine!
I received this from LT’s Early Reviewers Program.

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