Monday, October 5, 2009

An Echo in the Bone by, Diana Gabaldon

An Echo in the Bone continues the story of Claire & Jamie Fraser.This is book #7 in the Outlander Series.
So I will assume those reading this review have read the previous books so will not go into the story in too great a detail.
At the end of A Breathe of Snow & Ashes Bree, Roger and their children went back to their own time I enjoyed the back and forth in Echo from 1777 to 1980 and seeing them adjust back into life in modern times.
In an Echo in the Bone Jamie & Claire again run into such difficulty during their travels, meeting some new characters along the way some famous in Claire’s actual time.
The love story of course is there with a few others thrown in. The extended family of these two continues to grow as they make their way through the Revolutionary War. With a side trip to Lallybroch where Jamie & Claire deal with endings in more ways than one.

I Loved this book as I have loved this entire series was glad the author let us know what happened with Bree and her family when they went back to their own time. This installment answered some questions revealed some answers and unfortunately left us hanging at the end. But I guess that’s what makes a great series I just wish it wouldn’t be another 2 years or more before we can catch up with Jamie & Claire and find out what happens next. All in All Another Great book by Diana Gabaldon

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