Saturday, May 9, 2009

Earthly Pleasures by, Karen Neches

I loved this book!!I read it in one sitting!Skye is a hospitality greeter in heaven she greets the new arrivals with handouts and a dvd explaining all the wonderful things heaven has to offer.She is chosen to go to earth which is a huge honor she has to take classes to prepare her for her journey Earth 101.The teachers lesson plan is based her belief that all you need to know on earth is found in the lyrics of Beatles songs-and in one class the SB (Supreme Being)a she by the way-has invited special guests George & John to help her teach the lesson All You Need is Love!This authors idea of heaven was a hoot!The Wishberry-and heavens own reality show Earthly Pleasures where you watch people on earth edited for your viewing pleasure.The story takes place in heaven and on earth.I loved all the characters -you do figure out the story but I believe the author meant you to so enjoy watching it play out.I recommend this book wholeheartedly!

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