Wednesday, March 11, 2009

T.A.B. Review of "Seeing Redd" by, Frank Beddor

Seeing Redd by, Frank Beddor is the second book in The Looking Glass Wars series.It has the same exciting elements that made the Looking Glass Wars so amazing.The Looking Glass Wars was an alteration of Alice in Wonderland,with an interesting twist of technology and fantasy.Seeing Redd is a further continuation of what happens after Alice gets out of the rabbit hole,which may not even be a rabbit hole at all.You have to read to find out.Frank Beddor in my opinion has a great eye for detail.His characters are really well developed.The thing that I thought was a problem was the love interest that goes on.It is just kind of thrown at you in bits and pieces;you don't really see how it comes about.Other than that the book is really amazing.
I give it 4 Stars.
Sara Schuster

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