Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rhapsody Series Book Review

Rhapsody Series, by Elizabeth Hayden

This series of books is about a half human, half-Lirin woman named Rhapsody who goes on en epic journey with her two new friends, Achmed and Grunthor. They travel along a magical tree root and come up on the other side of the world to find that their home island, Serendair, was destroyed by an asteroid that had fallen centuries earlier and suddenly rose from the sea to consume the island. Achmed becomes King of a race of primitive people known as the Bolg, and they soon get on the nerves of all the humans in the new world. They go on lots of adventures, fight enemies that they had on the old island, and encounter new enemies.

I found that the entire series was rather wordy with whole walls of text on information and subjects that I didn't really want to know. I found myself skipping pages so I woudln't get a headache. Rhapsody was spasmadic and had a somewhat disturbing love for children and adopting them. However, the plot was interesting--moslty-- and I just wanted to know what happened so I kept reading the books.

Kelsey Gisi

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