Friday, January 16, 2009

Review of Plum Spooky by, Janet Evanovich

Another hit from Janet Evanovich!Stephanie is in prime form explosions,wrecked cars and a new twist MONKEYS.We of course get a good dose of Deisel but for me not enough Grandma.This was a laugh outloud romp through the Berg and a new location the Barrens with a visit from the Easter Bunny,Sasquatch and my favorite Elmer who farts fire.How she comes up with these stories is beyond me but I hope she never stops!Lulu is of course front and center and we move along with her and Tank's storyline *No Spoiler*you'll have to read to see what happens!I loved this book as I do all Janet's books.And just my opinion but Hey USA Network if your looking for characters you'll never find more in one place than the Berg!

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  1. BTW...I like your new background!
    Looks like a good book, might have to pick this one up!