Friday, November 7, 2008

New/Donated Books This Week

New/Donated Books This Week are:
In Adult Fiction:
Hot Mahogany by, Stuart Woods
The Brass Verdict by, Michael Connelly
Body of Lies by, David Ignatius
Intent to Kill & Last Call by, James Grippando
Executive Privilege by, Stuart Margolin
Lookin' Back Texas by, Leann Ellis
Road to Nowhere by, Paul Robertson
Wishbones by, Carolyn Haines
Wife for Hire by, Janet Evanovich

In Audio:
On CD:
Step on Crack by, James Patterson
Executive Power by, Vince Flynn
On Cassette;
Murder & Obsession Vol.1 by, Various Authors
Eureka by, William Diehl
Til Death do us Part by, Kate White
Long Lost by, David Morrell
Pay it Forward by,Catherine Ryan Hyde
Sea Glass by, Anita Shreve
The Ya-Ya Sisterhood & Ya-Ya's in Bloom by, Rebecca Wells
Best of Classics -Call of the Wild by, Jack London-The Godfather by, Mario Puzo-The Time Machine by, HG Wells
Fire Ice by, Clive Cussler
He See's You When You're Sleeping by, Mary & Carol Higgins Clark
Lost Boy, Lost Girl by, Peter Straub
Second Wind by, Dick Francis
Simple Prayers by, Michael Golding
Slow Waltz to Cedar Bend by, James Robert Waller
Nightmare Academy by, Frank Peretti
Switchers by, Kate Thompson

In Juvenile fiction:
Doomwyte Redwall #20 by, Brian Jaques
I also have gotten All The Dear Dumb Diary Books
In Young Adult:
The Angel of Death (Forensic Mysteries)by, Alane Ferguson-this is the second book in the series the 1st one was the Christopher Killer if you enjoyed that one check this one out.
The Kidnapping of Christine Lattimore by, Joan Lowery Nixon
The Mystery of the Martello Tower by, Jennifer Lanter
The Mislaid Magic by, Patricia Wrede
In Sci/Fi/Fantasy:
Legends 2 by, Various Authors
The Well of Shades by, Juliette Marillier Book # 3 in The Bridei Chronicles

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  1. Just Jane By: William Lavender

    Jane Prentice is coming from England to America with Mrs. Morley (her guardian). When she gets to America the are in a middle of a blockade. She is there to stay with her Aunt Clarissa and Uncle Robert.

    While she is there she meets her Aunt Harriet and her Uncle Arthur. They are very happy to see her. Then she meets her Cousin Brandon. The first time he saw her he said he was going to marry her.

    When she is there it is the being of the Revolutionary War. She goes and meets the schoolmaster Mr. Simon Cordwyn. Then she started going to school after that. One night she overheard Simon and Clarissa in the garden. She was furious.

    She would not talk to him for a long time. One day when she talked to him in the town square he was shocked that she had found out about it. He told her that he ended it. She was very content after she had talked to him about it.

    One day the British troops were town were she was and she saw Simon. She asked him where he was going and wanted to go with him. He hesitated, but finally let her come along. She got to meet her Cousin Hugh and his wife and step son.

    When she finally meet her Aunt Clarissa and Uncle Robert she was happy. When Robert found out that she was going and visiting Hugh and that Clarissa was having an afar with Simon they went to their plantain called Rosewall. He was furious with Clarissa. So he had one of his servants put a bed in his office.

    It had been a long time since she had last heard from Simon. He decided to join the American side to help them in battle. He had found out also that his brother-in-law had died.

    The British were angry at Simon. So they arrested him and on the last day of his trial Jane finally got to see him. He was sent to Canada and never to go back to America. He decided that he didn't care if he couldn't go back he wanted to see Jane.

    So while he was gone Brandon had died. He was shot trying to save one of his comrades. When ever he woke up he wanted to see Jane. When Jane got there he was a sleep. She started to drift a sleep he finally woke up. He asked her if she would marry her. She agreed, but she was never going to do it.

    Her Aunt Harriet was mad at Arthur because she thought that he had lured Brandon into becoming a Loyalist. So what she did was shot him in the shoulder.

    When she got back Rosewall the British were planning to destroy it. One of the servants got everybody out, but went to go get Mrs. Morley they had shot right at the place that they were at and killed them.

    After that Jane and Simon found each other again and finally got married and having a child on the way.

    I'll give it 3 1/2 Stars out of 5